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Rhetoric of Logos: A Primer for Visual Language

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The creation of a logo as one of the most important elements of corporate design is a demanding design task. The idea that a good logo is by definition a persuasive logotype suggests a direct link to the principles of rhetoric, which, according to Aristotle, has the power of observing the means of persuasion on almost any subject. It follows that rhetoric concepts and methods are ideally suited for understanding the effectiveness of logos and expanding the horizons of applied design work.

After an overview of the history of logos and how corporate design has evolved since its inception, Eduard Helmann illustrates how designers can utilize the tools of rhetoric. Stylistic devices play a central role in this as logos are analyzed and classified to determine which communicative strategies and intended effects they fulfill. The theoretical insights gained from this provide designers with a wealth of knowledge that facilitates analysis, ideas generation, and argumentation along with a deeper understanding of the design process.

Design: Eduard Helmann, Brian Switzer (Ed.)
 148 x 210 mm
Pages: 144
Publication: 2016
Languages: English
Format: Softcover with flaps
ISBN: 9783721209570