My name is Christophe De Pelsemaker. I am Belgian graphic designer running my one-man agency CEDEPE.

I have a profound fascination for logos and identity design ever since I started as a graphic designer. I have been focusing on this aspect of design from the beginning of my career. Along my continuous hunt for beautiful work, I have noticed that I mainly find the best work in older books featuring the work from the designers who have put identity design on the map.

Because of my eagerness towards these books and the work it contained, I started Logo Books in June 2017. I initially reviewed my own books on logo design by making YouTube videos and posting on Instagram. I felt like there was - and still is - a need for instructive information and inspiration on good logo and brand design. 

The thing that truly lit the spark for Logo Books was the moment when I discovered the astonishing work from Paul Ibou. A compatriot I had never heard of and who was never mentioned during my education. I quickly discovered Paul Ibou was not just some Belgian designer. No, Paul Ibou is the greatest graphic designer Belgium has ever known. He is a true pioneer in the industry whose work is among the best, worldwide.

Only one month after I started uploading my video reviews I received a mail which seemed too good to be true. I got an email by the man himself: Paul Ibou. From that point onwards, Logo Books started evolving quickly as Paul Ibou was charmed by my project. He offered me the opportunity to collaborate on this magnificent project which he hadn't realized yet.

Today, Logo Books has grown into a small solo-venture with a close relationship with the Belgian pioneer of design, Paul Ibou.