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International Logotypes: Volume 2

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This volume is a popular version of "Trademarks Collection Europe 1" which was originally published by Kashiwa Shobo in November 1988 as a collection of logotypes and logomarks. The original book has been reedited into this version which is a B5 size volume categorized according to the style of expression. This book contains the best workks selected from 28,000 (1987) works which have been in use in 34 major cities of 17 European countries.

First published edition. Soft cover. Publisher: Shuichi Watanabe. Publishing Office: Kashiwa-shobo. Good condition, normal wear and tear on the cover.

Design: Yasaburo Kuwayama
 250 x 190 mm
Pages: 206
Publication: First edition, 1991
Format: Softcover
ISBN: 4760106855